Well Hi There

I’ve uhhhh…

Well I’ve been gone. And I’m not entirely sure I’m back. Life has been mostly good with a bit of bad mixed in.

I officially have a four year old.

Joe and I have been married for 7 years. Together for almost 12 1/2.

I’m the lowest weight I’ve been since we got together. Who’d have thought that getting my mental health (mostly) figured out would help in pretty much every area of my life? 😏

I hiked a mountain:

No, I really did, it was bananas and beautiful and I am absolutely doing it again 😍

I’ve got a laundry list of mental health diagnoses that I’m not really ready to talk about publicly just yet. I do have a gigantic support network to turn to if I need to, to put your mind at ease.

I’ve deleted all of my previous posts because I want a clean slate to (hopefully) take my blog in a new direction. I just need to decide on that direction first 🥴

I just wanted everyone to know I’m alive, I’m doing mostly okay, and life is pretty good right now. All the love to you and yours ❤️

Penny for your thoughts?

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