Handy Dandy Contact Page

The above contact form is the best way to get in contact with me. It gets sent directly to my email inbox. You do not have to provide an email address, unless you specify in your message you would like a reply. Also, if you ask me a question, please let me know if I can publish your question (anonymously of course) and my reply to my blog, or if you would rather I not publish it. A name would be great so I know who I’m talking to, even if its not your “real” name, but isn’t required.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: If you are rude, verbally abusive, or just generally a shitty human being towards me via that contact form, I reserve the right to publish your completely un-redacted message to this blog and am not responsible for any backlash you may receive as a result of being a shitty human being. And any and all threats will be forwarded to the appropriate government agencies. Please don’t fuck around and find out, I do not play around with my family’s safety.

Penny for your thoughts?

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