Thirty Days of Gratitude

Gratitude Day 14

This is one of my favorite photos of just the two of us 😍 Day # 14: I know I said I was going to do “non traditional” things to be grateful for this year, but I want to shout out Joe, who works tirelessly to make sure I can stay home with Joey and… Continue reading Gratitude Day 14

Thirty Days of Gratitude

Gratitude Day 13

“Better living through chemistry.” My Grandpa 💙 Day # 13: Today, I am grateful to have the access and the means to take care of my mental health. Not everyone does, even in one of the wealthiest country’s in the world, and that’s truly heartbreaking to me. The reality is: I wouldn’t be here. Joe… Continue reading Gratitude Day 13

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This is Halloween

Yes, I know it’s blurry, he’s 4 😑 Joey’s finally old enough that he was ALL ABOUT the free candy, so much so that we did two trunk or treats in addition to trick or treating for almost TWO HOURS last night 😩 oh and he was up for the day today at 6am 😑… Continue reading This is Halloween