My ABC’s and my 123’s

Just my ABC’s this semester 😏

Joey’s going to full time kindergarten in the fall so I figured it was time for me to go back too, after a 13 year hiatus. I tested into college English (wasn’t worried about that one) AND college algebra (way more surprised by that one 🥴).

I’ve decided that my post from Thursday is all I’m going to be saying on the school shooting in Texas. The list of schools that have experienced mass shootings is too damn long, and I’m tired of the same fight over and over. The only way things are going to change is if we address the root cause and not just the symptoms, and no one who has the power to change anything is willing to do anything about it because they don’t want to lose campaign donations. It makes me sick that children are being sacrificed so politicians can keep getting that NRA money.

Penny for your thoughts?

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