Joey’s First Tae Kwon Do Lesson!

We decided to enroll Joey in Tae Kwon Do at the recommendation of one of the specialist’s who were in his class this year, to help with his balance and confidence issues. He, like his mama and daddy 🥴, isn’t into team sports so we figured Tae Kwon Do would be a good fit for him 🤞🏻

He, as we expected, was anxious about it at first, but once they started the lesson he got into it so we decided to sign him up for lessons! I think his favorite ice cream spot being next door helped though 😏

He’ll be going two times a week, and we got his uniform today, I can’t wait to see him in it! I am hoping that starting him at the beginning of the summer will help with the transition when he starts kindergarten in August instead of trying to start both at once and having him being completely wiped out. He’ll be doing welcome Wednesday’s at his school, to get him used to his teachers and new classmates, and I’m going to try and keep him busy this summer as much as the weather allows. We’re also planning another family hike for next weekend, Joey’s super excited ❤️

Joe and I are doing a me and him only hike tomorrow, but we have to leave stupid early because the spot where we’re going is a good distance away and “we” (read: Joe) wants to do a sunrise hike to try and avoid the worst of the heat and crowds (Memorial Day weekend in the US) tomorrow. I’m not opposed to getting there early, I am just NOT a morning person in the slightest 🥴

I feel like my new coffee mug gets me:

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