Moving On…

I actually found out about what you did a few months ago, and I let you get in my head about writing here. I won’t get into the why, but your actions are triggering. I know you probably won’t, but I’d appreciate it if you’d stop coming here. But after years of therapy, I’ve figured out that eventually, I have to stop caring. You’re not worth the headspace, and this blog is too important to me to let you stop me from writing.

So, moving on…

Sorry to have disappeared again, y’all. I’m going to do my best to not let the nonsense get to me again, but I won’t make any promises. I’d done a lot of work in therapy to come up with coping strategies for the event that makes what ⬆️ they did triggering, and in the moment they failed spectacularly. I’m okay, but I needed to protect myself before I would feel safe posting here again. Thankfully, my post earlier this week helped me push past the last bit so I am (hopefully) back.

Life has been mostly quiet on the family front, MUCH noisier on the community drama front (more on that later, maybe), and trucking along nicely on the personal front in spite of some minor hiccups 😏

Someone has all of a sudden become a fan of naps again, which has been a pleasant surprise ❤️

The one downside to him napping again (sometimes) is that it is GLARINGLY obvious when he needs one but doesn’t want to take one. Combine that with the monstrous growth spurt he’s been going through, and it’s a miracle my sanity is still (mostly) intact. He has inherited both mine and Joe’s stubbornness and has suddenly discovered he likes to scream over us when we’re saying something he doesn’t like 😑 #prayformeyall #maybesendwine

It brings my mom great joy when I call her at the end of the night questioning why I ever wanted to become a parent, but then I peek in his room and see his (not so) tiny little body at rest and I’m reminded I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat to be blessed with him. It’s about balance y’all ❤️

I think maybe I’m going to be a little more relaxed about what I post and when I post, I’m at a point in my life where I do need this space, but also don’t want to feel beholden to it either. I’ve got a lot going on, both in the short term future as well as the long-term future that need my attention, so priorities are having to be shifted around. I love (most of) y’all, and I look forward to interacting with y’all, so I’m definitely going to be writing, just maybe not as often as I’ve committed to in the past.

Have a blessed weekend, we’re going hiking tomorrow before the next snow storm rolls in on Monday. Colorado weather is especially wild this year, the high tomorrow is forecasted to be 63 and Monday’s is supposed to be 42 😳 I went through three shoe changes and two shirt changes yesterday: I started in winter boots, a long sleeve shirt, and a winter vest. Then changed to ankle boots midday and ditched the vest, and finally switched to a short sleeve shirt and flip flops late afternoon 😂

Love and Blessings, Liz 💜

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