Thirty Days of Gratitude

Gratitude Days 8-10

We just got our fall family photos back a few days ago so I’ll be including a photo with my gratitude posts because I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be Joe’s wife and Joey’s mama ❤️

See? Told you I’d be back. It’s just before 6am Colorado time and I can hear Joey trying to go back to sleep on the baby monitor 😩 It’s November, so to get back into the swing of blogging on the regular, I’m doing a 30 days of gratitude challenge. If you want a more thorough explanation, there is one HERE, so feel free to check that before jumping into today’s post. I’m trying to not flood that post with ping backs so this will be the last time I link to it, but I’ll setup tags today so it’s easy to find. Without further adieu:

Day # 8: I am grateful for okay to wake clocks. We bought THIS one for Joey because all of a sudden he’s consistently getting up before sunrise and this mama needs her morning wake up time. We haven’t put it in his room yet because he wasn’t a huge fan at first, but he’s warming up to it so hopefully we can put it in his room tonight.

Day # 9: I am grateful for my local “tribe” of mamas in the trenches of raising younger kiddos with me. Especially after the last 1.5 years, I desperately needed a group of friends I could call up whenever I needed to. I found mine through the local chapter of MOPS, an international organization that has chapters all over the world. We’re going on our retreat this weekend that I’ve been looking forward to for months now.

Day # 10: I am grateful for easily accessible COVID tests. Joey was exposed last week and started exhibiting mild symptoms over the weekend, so we had to go get him tested before he could return to school (He gets to go back today!). The exposure also put my retreat in jeopardy since I was exposed by proxy. Thankfully, his results came back negative, and I’ll be going to get tested today after Joe gets home from work.

Okay, all caught up! Until next time,

Liz 💜

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