Planner Peace Achieved!

ADHD Brain Edit Begins Here:


I think I’ve mentioned I have ADHD, but if not, I do 😂 One of the many things I deal with under that particular diagnosis is hyper fixation. In other words, I start a project and it is damn near impossible for me to do anything else until I either finish it or get sick of it and walk away.

It is also November, which means it is National Novel Writing Month

You see where this is going, don’t you?

The good news is, that as of today, I have written 17,220 words and my goal is 50,000 words so I’m just shy of 30% done.

The bad news is that literally everything that wasn’t necessary for survival went completely ignored, including blogging. And possibly showering 🤢


Today is catch up day. I’m going to do two gratitude posts to get me caught up to today, one for days 4-7 and the second for days 8-9. I’d already partially written this post so I’m going to clean it up and post it, then I’m going to pre-write the rest of the week because I’m going to be out of town from Friday until Sunday. I’ll schedule them to post on their individual days so you’re not being flooded with posts.

Begin Original Post Here:

I’ve been using this system since July so I feel confident in saying I’ve attained planner peace, at least for right now 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

So what is the system?

Two six month dailies with an absurd amount of add ons (see pictures below for add-ons) from Plum Paper Planner and a 12 month weekly planner from the same company. I chose the ME layout for my weekly planner, but they have a TON of different layouts (including horizontal and teacher planners), so if you’re interested you should go check them out. They also offer a ton of customization options (see pictures above to see how I customized mine) in the planners themselves, so you can pretty much completely customize it to fit your needs.

From top to bottom:

Pgs. 1-2 is their habit tracker add-on, which is one page front and back. I have one page per month at the end of each month.

Pgs. 3-4 is their prayer add-on, also one page front and back. All but the last one is dispersed at the end of each month.

Pgs 5-6 is their fitness add-on, one page front and back.

Pgs. 7-8 is their reflection add-on, one page front and back.

Pg. 9 is their gratitude add-on. It’s also one page front and back, but each side is exactly the same so I just took one picture.

Pg. 10 is their lined note page add-on, one page front and back. I forget how many pages you can get, but I have four pages at the end of every month.

Pg. 11 is their meals add-on. This is the only one that I don’t 100% Love because you can only get it as a section at the end of your planner. The other stuff they include is nice, but it’s all information I can easily find in other places and I’d MUCH rather just have the meal planning page (pictured) at the end of every month.

I do use decorative stickers but the primary function of my planners is to help me remember everything (see ADHD brain example above 🥴). I use a few different company’s stickers, including Plum Paper’s Sticker Subscription, The Twin Mermaids, and Paper Day Design. The last two shops are for functional stickers and the PPP sticker subscription is functional/decorative.

You’ll notice on the monthly page (the calendar) that I use stickers to change the calendar to a Monday start instead of the traditional Sunday start, I VASTLY prefer to have my weekend (Joe and Joey work/go to school M-Th) on one side and the rest of the week on the other. BUT! They’ve just announced that you can now CHOOSE either a Sunday or a Monday start! And because they’re making that change, I can now include important dates on the calendar through their customization process AND they’ll roll over for each year if you save them. One less thing to have to think about? I am ALL FOR IT 🤣

Three things and then I promise I’m done:

1. I HIGHLY recommend accessing their website on a computer or at the very least a larger tablet, it is infuriating on a phone or small tablet.

2. They do happen to have a referral process, but I’d need an email address to send you my specific referral link and it has to be an email address you’ve never used with them before. So if you’ve never ordered from them, DO NOT setup an account first. If you do let me send you a link, you get 10% off your first order.

3. The one thing I love almost as much as all the customization is the price. Their 7×9 planner starts at just $35 and I think it’s only $4-$5 to customize the headers and $5 to add all the important dates. Each of their add-ons are around $5, which is where it can get expensive if you get a bunch like me, but each person has different needs/wants so take some time to find the ones you think will be the right fit for you.

Okay, ALL DONE! Until next time,

Liz 💜

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