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This is Halloween

Yes, I know it’s blurry, he’s 4 😑

Joey’s finally old enough that he was ALL ABOUT the free candy, so much so that we did two trunk or treats in addition to trick or treating for almost TWO HOURS last night 😩 oh and he was up for the day today at 6am 😑 I’m taking wine and melatonin donations if you have them 😂 So, how much candy did he get, you ask?

Oh and we bought way too much candy to give out so we also have a giant pumpkin downstairs filled with candy.

A good chunk of this will be donated to my MOPS group on Wednesday so it’s not sitting in a pillow case three feet from my desk. I’m down below 200lbs for the first time since before Joe and I got together so I’m trying REALLY HARD not to put the pounds back on, so getting rid of the candy will really help.

I’m intentionally not counting calories, especially for the next few months so I’m not looking at it from a standpoint of restriction and denial. And I plan to enjoy the various and sundry holidays and celebrations, but then back to more mindful eating the next day. I’m also making sure I move for at least half an hour everyday.

My ADHD meds interact with caffeine so I’m only having my coffee in the mornings and then no caffeine for the rest of the day, which has drastically reduced my soda consumption. We’re finally dropping down into colder temps so I have some decaf tea, but I’ve mostly just been drinking a lot more water. I’ve been doing that for a couple months now, so I’m not making a ton of changes all at once.

I’ve also been doing the more mindful eating for a few weeks now, so I’m going to start increasing my activity level this month. I have a gym membership that I’m going to actually use and I’m already walking to and from Joey’s school two times a day four days a week. It’s not a super far distance but on the days I do take him to school I’m often going over my step goal for the day, and I’ve been doing that since August.

And that ladies and gentlemen is squirrel brain in action 🤣 Start with one thing and end with another 🤦🏼‍♀️ There’s laundry to be done (there always is) so I wish you and yours all the best. Until next time!

Liz 💜

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